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A Very Satisfied Client – Porter Ranch, CA

A Very Satisfied Client – Porter Ranch, CA

I found Ravi Madhwani because I took a wrong turn and ended up in a street that had his sign in front of a rental home. That was one of the best ‘wrong turns’ I took. Ravi should win the Realtor’s Nobel Prize – yes he is that good. I have worked with many realtors while buying and selling several properties. I am the type who does her homework and extensive research and I am not easily fooled. This gentleman gets my approval – 100% hands down. He is a professional, classy guy and a wonderful human being.

I was trying to get my home rented and I was overwhelmed and in a time constraint as I was moving out of the state. I found Ravi to be extremely pleasant, soft spoken, good humored, hard-working and diligent. He picked up his phone almost every-time I called him (if he couldn’t, he called me within the hour), gave me sound and sensible advice and always, always took the time to go through every idea, every question and every doubt that I had. He analysed and re-analysed the pros and cons of every application we received. He never rushed me, never made me feel as if he was in a hurry and always went out of his way to do extra things for me. When my contractor bailed on me without notice, I called him and he immediately arranged for a wonderful contractor that he worked with.

Working with Ravi was a breeze – I felt relaxed and confident because at every moment I felt and knew that he was on top of it. He is also a professional loan agent and so he knows how to assess an application. If you are thinking of hiring him as a realtor to rent/sell/buy a home, do not think twice. He will treat you with respect and dignity and you will not have a moment’s regret. As for me, I know I will retain him for all my housing needs in Los Angeles.

I wish Ravi the very best in his real estate business, a business he absolutely excels in.